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White Grub Control

Incorporate our special White Grub Control Treatment in your lawn care program.
Just one application will eradicate 90% of white grubs during the entire season
Stop white grubs before they start
Do not wait until you see the damging affect of white grubs before you choose to prevent them from destroying your lawn. It is very possible that they are already in your lawn, waiting to climb towards the surface to devour the roots of your grass. When you wait to see signs of their voracious appetite, it is often too late!

The problem could worsen!
Gophers, raccoons and skunks, who all love white grubs, begin digging them up as soon as they notice their presence. Your magnificent lawn could be seriously damaged in just one season.

Protect your lawn
If you treat your lawn with one application of our special White Grub Control Treatment between June and August, your lawn will enjoy excellent protection until the end of the fall! Only our Evergreen Consultants can help you profit from a White Grub Control Treatment and ensure your lawn maintains its beauty for the whole summer! Call us as early as possible to ensure that your lawn care service includes the white grub treatment.

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